Rosann Winn Blog

New Company Launch! 

Today is the day!! ... My new company Rosann Winn LLC has launched! Today, 7/3/2020 also happens to be my 51st birthday! Rosann Winn LLC is a legal umbrella organization for Rosann Winn Music (performance & teaching) and Set It Free Music (music products, merchandise, and production). I am passionate about fostering connection through music and the arts and I truly believe in the beauty, healing, and empowerment offered to individuals and groups through creativity and personal expression. I am focused on…

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Sea by night and day 

I've decided to start a blog on my website. I have never considered myself a writer of anything but songs. But circumstances in life over the past 10 years have brought that part of me out, I guess. First, one of our daughters was diagnosed with systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis when she was 8. She is now 19 and doing well in remission, but it has been a roller coaster ride. Our other daughter also went through an acute health crisis recently, with a months long flare of gastroparesis or…

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